Revised ANA Correctional Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice

Public Comment Period until 11/20/2012 

The American Nurses Association just posted the proposed revisions to the 2007 Corrections Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice. This summer we discussed the importance of the ANA and their ongoing work to recognize the scope and promote the standards of practice in correctional nursing. You are urged to join in reviewing the new description of the specialty of correctional nursing as well as the standards. The document can be viewed at This is also the site where you send in comments.

You do not have to be a member of The American Nurses Association to comment. The ANA is interested in having as many people as possible review the proposed document so please forward this notice and invitation to other nurses, administrators and health care colleagues.  Comments will be used to further revise the standards and then the draft will be forwarded to the ANA Standards and Guidelines Committee for review. The document is expected to be in final form and published about a year from now.

To see our previous post on the importance of the ANA Corrections Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice go to

We hope you will have lots of input for the ANA workgroup about your nursing practice, the characteristics of the patient population, what the challenges are for correctional nurses, what you think the future holds and how the standards of practice can be improved.

Photo Credit: © Steve Smith

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