A Week of Celebration and Learning

We celebrated publication of the Essentials of Correctional Nursing last week at the 2012 National Conference on Correctional Health Care held in Las Vegas, NV. This annual fall conference organized by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) brings together health care professionals from across the nation and the world to discuss current topics in correctional health care.

Lorry Schoenly, Pat Voermans, and Mary Muse signing books at the NCCHC Conference

Seven of the nine contributing authors were in attendance so we held a book signing party on Monday at noon. We met and talked with so many nurses who purchased the book and came to the signing party. Thank you! We even signed blank sheets of paper for those who had ordered but had not yet received the book or who had left their copy at home. All of the copies of the book sold out at the bookstore on the first day!

On Tuesday night we had a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant. Twenty-five nurses, each who contributed to the book in some way, participated in the event. The conversation included stories of adventure that took place while writing, reviewing and editing the manuscript. More exciting though were the ideas and inspiration shared by participants about next steps in the future of correctional nursing. Imagine a near future that includes on-line mentorship for nurses in the specialty area of practice, a center to nurture excellence in correctional nursing practice, and organizations that support caring in correctional nursing practice.

Chapter Authors Pat Voermans, Patricia Blair, and Mary Muse at book celebration dinner

Over four days of the conference, 19 presentations were given by nurses who were contributors to the Essentials of Correctional Nursing. A sampling of topics included: CQI, Developing Competency in Practice, Infectious Disease Management, Boundary Violations, Reflective Practice, Staffing, Delegation, the draft ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, Patient Safety, Pain, Case Management, Research, and Nursing Protocols. Several of our nursing colleagues said that this conference provided very practical and useful material that could be applied to their practice immediately. Even if you were not able to attend, these sessions were recorded and are available on line at for a nominal fee at http://ncchc.sclivelearningcenter.com/index.aspx?PID=4624. They are very good quality recordings and include the slides. They are an excellent source for new information and continuing education.

Editor Catherine Knox and Chapter Author Sue Smith at celebration dinner

We made important new acquaintances and renewed long standing relationships this past week.  If you attended the NCCHC conference what have you brought back home to share, apply or try out? Please let us know what you brought back and how you are using the resource by replying in the comments section of this post.

If you have not yet purchased your book or know someone who should you may place an order directly with the publisher to receive $15 off and free shipping by using Promo Code AF1209.


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