Celebrating Correctional Nurses during Nurse’s Week: Big Book Giveaway!

schoenly-7.inddDo Correctional Nurses Care?

How is the concept of caring unique in correctional nursing practice? Nurse theorist, Jean Watson, proposes several themes to describe caring in  nursing practice.  We discuss the concept of caring in Chapter 2 Ethical Principles for Correctional Nursing including Watson’s theory. We are celebrating caring in correctional nursing during Nurses Week 2013 and would like to hear your stories about how nursing practice at your facility exemplifies one or more of these themes:

Watson’s Transpersonal Caring

1. Care is provided in a transpersonal relationship in which there is a moral commitment to protect and enhance human dignity

2. Caring is the intention of doing for another and being with another who is in need

3. Care is authentic presence where the nurse honors the patient’s dignity and vulnerability


  • Most inspiring top 3 entries will receive a signed copy of Essentials of Correctional Nursing
  • All entries will have the opportunity for a guest post on Essentials of Correctional Nursing Blog

Submission Guidelines

  • 500-750 Words
  • Can be submitted in body of email or as a Word attachment
  • Choose one of the following options
  1. Share an example story from your correctional nursing experience demonstrating one or more of Watson’s Transpersonal Caring elements listed above
  2. Answering the question – Do Correctional Nurses Care?
  • Identify which of the Transpersonal Caring element you are using as a basis for your essay
  • Include full name, state, and email contact

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2013

Submit to: essentialscorrectionalnursing@gmail.com

Read more about caring in correctional nursing in this prior post.

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