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Nurses have been described as the backbone of correctional health care. Yet the complex challenges of caring for this disenfranchised population are many. Ethical dilemmas around issues of patient privacy and self-determination abound, and the ability to adhere to the central tenet of nursing, the concept of caring, is often compromised. Essentials of Correctional Nursing supports correctional nurses by providing a comprehensive body of current, evidence-based knowledge about the best practices to deliver optimal nursing care to this population. It describes how nurses can apply their knowledge and skills to assess the full range of health conditions presented by incarcerated individuals and determine the urgency and priority of requisite care. The book describes the unique health needs and corresponding care for juveniles, women, and individuals at the end of life. Chapters are devoted to nursing care for patients with chronic disease, infectious disease, mental illness, or pain, or who are in withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Chapters addressing health screening, medical emergencies, sick call, and dental care describe how nurses identify, respond to, and manage these health care concerns in the correctional setting.

Key Features:

  • Addresses legal and ethical issues surrounding correctional nursing
  • Covers common inmate-patient health care concerns and diseases
  • Discusses the unique health needs of juveniles, women, and individuals at the end of life
  • Describes how nurses can safely navigate the correctional environment to create a therapeutic alliance
  • with patients
  • Provides information about health screening, medical emergencies, sick call, and dental care
  • Serves as a core resource in the preparation for correctional nursing certification exams

Place an order directly with the publisher or from Amazon. 

8 thoughts on “Get the Book

    • Cinzia,

      If you click on the link that says “directly with the publisher” it will take you to the publisher’s page where you can purchase the book. Otherwise the web address is
      You can buy an e-book or a hardcopy. If you want a hardcopy the publisher does ship internationally and the book arrives in 4 to 6 weeks.

      We are delighted that you are interested in our book. Catherine and Lorry


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  2. I am a Correctional Health Nurse Educator and am wanting to purchase your book but the promo code doesn’t seem to be working on the publisher’s website for $15 off or free shipping.


    • I’m sorry you are having trouble, Jesi. Appreciate you alerting us. I will check into this with our publisher and get back in touch shortly.


    • Hi, Jesi: Just heard from the publisher. They had a problem on the site and changed over promos for the new year the new promo code is AF1402. That should work. Thanks for your interest in the book!


    • Thanks, Andy! We will edit the information. Yes, that code has expired. You may find a better deal through amazon. Best wishes!


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